Hare Krishna!

Dear friends, Easter weekend is approaching and so is Good Friday, so we are happy to invite you to our (Good) Friday Night Gita this week (April 14th)! We will begin at 6.30pm with kirtan (meditational mantra music), followed by a seminar on the Bhagavad Gita till 7.30pm, continuing with more kirtan till 8pm and finishing with a delicious vegetarian meal!

This week’s seminar will be given by HG Jagannathesvari and she will be speaking on chapter 12, text 5.

There are 2 types of transcendentalists, the personalists and the impersonalists. The impersonalists are called ‘jnana yogis’ and the personalists are called ‘bhakti yogis’. Both paths ultimately lead to the same goal but the process of Jnana yoga, whereby the inconceivable, unmanifested, impersonal feature of the Supreme is worshipped is much more difficult and troublesome. In contrast, the path of bhakti, whereby one engages in the direct devotional service of the Lord is easier and is natural for the soul. The path of bhakti is especially recommended by Lord Krishna in this verse.

It’s an extra long weekend so start your Easter Weekend in the best possible way with the Friday Night Gita… Ancient wisdom for modern times!

From your servants, Caitanya Vallabha das and Jagannathesvari devi dasi