Hare Krishna!

Dear friends, firstly, we apologise for this last minute email, however, we would like to invite you to come along for our Friday Night Gita program tonight (May 12th), from 6.30pm till 8.30pm. (NB for anyone who would like to join us, we will be doing some extra kirtan beforehand from 5pm till 6.30pm).

The seminar will be given by myself (Caitanya Vallabha das) and we will be expanding upon the main themes from chapter 18, text 66.

This verse is the conclusion of the Bhagavad Gita, in that it is Krishna’s final and ultimate instruction and it is the essence of Bhakti (devotion to Krishna). He states that by surrendering to Him in devotional service, one will become free from all of one’s karmic reactions and especially free from fear. Most importantly, Krishna is pleased by this surrendering process.

Come along for unparalleled wisdom, good company, good music, good food and a great atmosphere!

Your servants, Caitanya Vallabha das and Jagannathesvari devi dasi